What exactly is this?

It is a daily link to all of the weird and wonderful things that appear every day on the web. Like Borges Library of Babel the internet is a limitless archive of truths hidden within a sea of pure and incomprehensible gibberish. Of course, I have neither the ability or intention to index these truths, I just want to show you pictures of cute pigs and Russian dash-cam videos. But hey, who has time to sort the wheat from the chaff. Apparently, I do. It doesn’t speak highly of my character or ambition, but we all must do our own little part. Right?

How do I get to the good stuff?

Well, I would like to think it is all good stuff. But unlike other aggregation sites I could name, I will not intrigue you with titillating headlines in order to get you you to click through to unmitigated garbage. I will just provide you links to current stories, memes or images that fit into nine categories: cute, geeky, thought provoking, artistic, strange, funny, gross, get and go. In my experience most of the stuff that people want to see on the internet falls into these categories and typically there is one link in each category, each day worth even a moment of your time. Occasionally, I will provide a bonus link in one or two of the categories, but typically the site will contain only nine links. The headings are often cryptic, but sometimes they are curt and very precise, only my whimsy (or lack of anything clever to say) will determine which it will be. In order to see the substance, merely click on the thumbnail, hyperlink (the colored font) or video embed.

Good stuff, this is crap; where’s the news?

If you are looking for commentary, substantive news, crotch shots, lists of signs that you are a child of the 2000s or musings on the meaning of life, you have come to the wrong place. Other people do that. And most of them do it better than I could. (Well that may or may not be true, but still, you are getting links. Seriously, I do have a day job. A real one.) If you are looking for the real stuff, go to slate or cnn or the times. If you are looking for lists clearly drafted by 18 year olds, go to buzzfeed. If you are looking for lurid celebrity garbage, go to tmz (or better yet, don’t). I am merely a curator. Everything I find was created by someone else. I am about driving traffic to content that I think is worth your time.

Cool that. Can I do anything to help?

Nothing more than enjoy. Though this little labor or love is also a bit of an experiment. Or maybe it is just a pathetic grasp at affirmation. Regardless, I would love it if you would like my post, like my facebook page (Oh Look, Awesome), share my links and generally spread the word to anyone and everyone you know. I have not real endgame in mind, but I wouldn’t mind it if more than twenty people looked at my post each day.


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