May 14, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute- Grumpy Cat Themed Art (click image to watch)


Geeky- A Wonderfully Designed Interactive Map of the Game of Thrones (spoilers) (click on the image to watch)


Bonus Geeky– Check Out This Cake; Also, Apparently I Am In The Mood For Cake (click on image for more)


Artistic- Heather Hug, Author of Remarkable and Dark Whimsy (click on image for more)


copyright Heather Hug

Really?–  Oh Florida, You Really Are The Gift that Keeps On Giving, Hint, They Did Something Violent and Idiotic (click on image for more)


Bonus Really– Do We Really Need a Gremlins Remake? (click image for more)


Thought Provoking- Ah, Now Come Onnnnnn North Carolina (click image for more)


Bonus Thought Provoking– Highest Paid State Employees (click image for more) (via boingboing)


Funny- The Death of Privacy, Hee-Larious (click image to watch)

Gross– So A Taco Bell Waffle Taco Sounds…. Horrible, That’s The Word I Was Look For, Horrible (click on image for more)


Get– Cosmic Encounter, A Ridiculously Fun Negotiation and Strategy Game (click image for more) (Note: A New Game Recommendation Every Tuesday) (click image for more) (click here to buy)


Learn-  A Bartenders Movie Guide (click image for more) (via neatorama)


Go-  He Went, And Went, And Went (click image to)


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