May 13, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute-  The First Taste (click image to watch)

Geeky- The Bowie Cover 20 Years and Several Billion Dollars in The Making (click on the image to watch)

Artistic- Music for The Construction Site (click image to watch)

Really?–  CNN FAIL x A Whole Hell of A Lot (click on image for more) (click, it is rich)


Bonus Really?– Hello Kitty Boobies  (click on image for more)

kitty boob

Bonus, Bonus Really– Dude Got Swallowed By  Hippo and Survived, Yo (click image for more)

Experience: I was swallowed by a hippo

Thought Provoking- Chinese Makers At Their Best (click image for more)


Funny- A New Classic, You Might Have Missed; Is A-A-Ron Here? (click image to watch)

Gross– Behold the Face of A Man That Allegedly Sexually Abused His Pet Peacock (click on image for more)


Bonus Gross– The Perfect Cake For the Graduating Med School Student, Who Doesn’t Want To Share His Cake (click on image for much more)

head cake

Get– A Place for Everything And Everything In Its Place (click image for more)


Learn- My New Favorite Trivia Podcast, Definitely a Worthwhile Listen (though this week’s ep is not the best place to start) (click image for more)


Go-  For The Cave Dweller In All Of Us (click image for more)



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