May 10, 2013 (Click Image For More)

Thought-Provoking– I am on vacation today, so you will not get your usual does of Internet goodness. However, yesterday Allie of Hyperbole and A Half, returned with a powerful post on the depression she had suffering through for the past year and a half. Her website was always one of my favorites and her sense of humor is wry, dry and just the right amount of weird. This post is not a laugh riot (though it has its moments), however, who would expect it to be. It is also pretty darn long by internet standards; but it deserves to be read and considered. She sort of nails depression and we all could bear to think a bit about how horrible, real and debilitating it can be. Sorry for the heavy while I am lounging in the sun, but I think you will appreciate it. (click image for more)


Go- OK, You Also Get A Link to This Article About The Emergence of Bluth’s Frozen Banana Stands in London, New York and LA (click image for more)



Really?– Oh OK. This Too; Because, Really? (click image for more)



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