May 9, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute- A Website Entirely Dedicated to Stacking Things on The Titular Jack (click image for more)


Geeky- The Battle of Helm’s Deep, In Lego (click image for more)

helms deep

Artistic- Remarkable Embroidery Art (click image for more)


Bonus Artistic– A Great Exhibit At The Soon to Be Closed for 3 Years SFMOMA


Really?– Holy Kick-Ass Home Video Batman (click on gif for more)


Bonus Really?– The CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch Various Entries Into The Biggest Jackass CEO Contest  (click image for more)



Bonus Really? Follow-Up– I Think I Approve (click image to watch)

Thought Provoking– A Few Examples of the Large Gaping Wounds We Are Gouging Into Our Planet (click image for more)


Funny- The Video For The Lonely Boys Newest Single (clink image to watch)

Gross– Think of This Next Time You Blame Your Sniffles On Allergy Season (click on image for more)


Get-For The Alcoholic That Also Wants Heart Disease, And Obesity; Oh Look, It’s In Wisconsin, Shocking (click image for more)


Bonus Get- Cory Doctorow and I Have Always Had This In Common (With The Primary Differnce Being He Is Remarkable Productive and Successful), We Both Love The Haunted Mansion, Here Is A Link to A Collection of Awesome Homemade Haunted Mansion Stuff


Learn-  A List of Some Really Incredible Subreddits (Just In Case You Want to Cut Out the Middle Middleman) (click image for more)


Go- Beautiful Vistas on The Hiking Trip of a Lifetime, Also, Number 9 On My Life List (click image for more)



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