May 7, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute- That’s the LA Zoo’s Baby Giraffe, Y’all (click image to watch)

Bonus Cute– An Adorable Giraffe Parade

Geeky- The Lord of The Rings Periodic Table (click image for more)


Bonus Geeky– Lego Brilliance (you must take a moment to look through this Flicker feed, it is chock full of wonderful) (click image for more)


copyright Ochre Jelly

Artistic-  Beautifully Haunting Photos of Abandoned Psych Ward (click image for more)


copyright Jeremy Harris

Really?- The Golden Rule, As The Daily Show Reminded Us, You Got the Gold, You Make the Rules (click image for more)


Thought Provoking–  Sylvia Poggioli, Kai Ryssdal,  Doualy Xaykaothao, Ofeibea Quist-Arcton; It Truly is A Golden Age Of NPR Names (click image for more)


And A Song Celebrating the Beauty of NPR Names (click image to watch)

Funny- A Few Examples of  Some Pretty Awesome Bathroom Graffiti (click image for more)


Bonus Funny– Snap!


Gross– Meet Mr. Balls (click image for more)


Get  A Light, Simple, Fun and Addicting Dice Rolling Game (click image for more) (Note: A New Game Recommendation Every Tuesday) (click picture for more) (click here to buy)


Learn-  Great Time Lapse Video of an Ice Breaking Ship, With Informative Narration (click image for more)

ice breaker

Go- If You Ever Wanted to Visit Westeros, Here are Some Tips For Your Travel Itinerary (click image for more)



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