May 6, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute-  Adorable Goat, Check; Bad Ass Awesome Pig, Double Check (click image to watch)

Geeky- A Geek Taxonomy (click image for more)


Artistic-  A Unique Set Of Brushes Designed to Provoke Creativity (click image for more)


Bonus Artistic– Some Stunning String Art (click image for more)


copryright Kumi Yamashita

Really?-  Some Ask, “Is This Video of a Lake Monster?”; I Ask, “Why Is Edward Cullen Fishing In a Sport Coat?” (click image to watch)

Thought Provoking–  So Apparently We All Descend From Zombies (click image for more)


Funny-  500 Days of Syphilis (click image to watch)

Gross– How Many Insects Are In Common Foods. Yum! Eat Up. (click image for more)

Get Perk Up Your Bathroom Floor (click image for more)


Learn-  Sadly, We Will Never Be Able To Visit Six Flags Dubailand (click image for more)


Bonus Learn- Behold, Ferrofluids

Go- The Mansion That Inspired Gatsby’s Home (click image for more)


Go Bonus (For Residents of the Roanoke Valley)– An Interactive Guide to Mountains of the Valley



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