May 3, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute- Of Course, It’s Cats In Costumes, How Could It Be Anything Else (click image for more)


Bonus Cute– Not Everyone is Adorable When Telling Jokes While Drunk, So Don’t Try This At Home (I was holding this for Monday, but it is to fun not to share) (Plus I don’t want to get “scooped”) (click image to watch)

Geeky- The Wolverine (click image to watch)

Artistic- An Anthology of Tom Gauld’s Simple, Funny and Gorgeous Cartoons (click image for more)


Bonus Artistic– A Remarkable Micro Artist (click image for more)


Really?- Reflections From A Metal Dog Bowl Sparks A House Fire (click image for more)


Thought Provoking– Queens Elementary School Goes All Vegetarian (click image for more)

New York school goes all-vegetarian

Bonus Thought Provoking– What Exactly Does It Mean to Be Force Fed (click image for more)


Funny- The Matrix, As It Should Have Been (click image to watch)

Bonus Funny– Flash Forward to Mad Men, Season 12 (click image for more)


Gross– How About A Nice Cold Glass of Gravy Soaked French Fry Soda? (click image for more)


Get– Chalk Board Nail Polish (click image for more)


Learn- A Graph of the Worst Jobs In History (click image for more)


Go- If You Are Ever In Toronto, This Boardgame Cafe Is A Must Visit (click image for more)


Bonus Go– I Suspect That Water Has At Least Some Pee In It, ie. A Lot (click image for more)



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