April 30, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute-  Buzz Feed’s List of Refreshing Honesty (click picture for more)

suck it up

Geeky-  The Greatest Menu Boards Ever! Click The Link, There Are Lots And They Are Awesome (click picture for more)


Artistic- The Musical Laser Forest (click image to watch)

Bonus Artistic– A Trip to Athens May Be In My Future (click picture for more)


Really?-  So Apparently Kids Snorting House Plants Is The Thing We Will Be Freaking Out Over This Summer (click picture for more)


Thought Provoking– Battle of the Hate Groups (To Be Clear We Think They Both Suck) (click picture for more)


Funny-  Regardless of Your Politics, You Have To Agree This Is Funny (click image to watch)

Gross–  Ummmm….. (click image to watch) (or don’t)

Get Thurn and Taxis, A Wonderful Gateway to Simple Euro Boardgames (Note: A New Game Recommendation Every Tuesday) (click picture for more) (click here to buy)


Bonus Get– One of My Favorite Heavy Games, Eclipse, Comes out for iOS

Learn-A  Kick to The Soft and Tenders vs. Childbirth, According to Science (click image to watch)

Go- For the Traveler Who Really, Really Loves Hello Kitty (click picture for more)



One thought on “April 30, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

  1. where is the exit? i knew there was a door…i saw it…i thought i saw it…crap i can’t get out

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