April 29, 2013 (click on the images to follow the links)

Cute- Because Turtles Never Get Enough Cuteness Love (click picture for more)


Geeky- Science Crafts, You Can Make Your Own (click picture for more)


Artistic- A Brilliant Performance by An Awesome Brass Band

via neatorama’s mad skills page

Really?- Obvious Occupational Hazard For Italian Priest (click picture for more)


via slate.com’s crime blog

Thought Provoking– Look At All These Pictures of a Woman in Different Outfits, Oh, Wait That is Actually ALL of the Contestants in the Miss Korea Contest, Where the Incidence of Plastic Surgery Is The Highest In The World (Per Capita) (click picture for more)


Funny-  Man Purchasing Red Pants Better Put Up Or Shut Up (click picture for more)


Gross–  Thank You Science (click picture for more)


Get In Honor of the Recent Death of EL Konigsburg, If You Have Children Ages 8-13 And They Have Not Read This, They MUST  (click picture for more)

mixed up

Learn- Be Offensive Wherever You Are

Go- If You Are Going to Go, Go Big (click picture for more)



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